Why KLAR Cosmetics?!

- Made out of naturally derived ingredients - Vegan -3 in one effect -Serum -Primer -Face mist -Minimizes pores -Eases inflammation -Anti aging -Highly hydrating -Oil free -Paraben free -Natural scent from cucumber -suits all skin types

We created KLAR because of the importance of a fresh skin in a busy lifestyle.The constant search for glowy and even skin tone is never ending. We wanted to create a face mist that gives more than just a fresh feeling. With active ingredients, that helps your skin maintain a youthful and flawless appearance.

Our first ever made product FACE CRAVE is a product that you can bring withyou always and that can work wonders for your skin.

We are a company wich believe you deserve great timeless design and active ingredients.

”For me a regular face mist is not enough. I have always searched for products that is anti-aging and good for a combined skin type like mine. I created FACE CRAVE because I wanted a two-in-one product, with both active anti-ageing and calming natural ingredients. I use my FACE CRAVE like a serum underneath my moisturizer and also during the day to touch up my make-up and refresh my face”. It keeps my skin even and glowy.

–Jannie, CEO KLAR Cosmetics AB and make-up artist